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If your garage door won’t open or your garage door only opens a few inches there is a good chance you may have a broken spring. The springs are located above the garage door. If the spring is broken it will appear to have a gap. A garage door broken spring can be the cause of many symptoms, for example; you may have heard a loud “bang,” the cables may be popped off, your garage door won’t open, your garage door only opens a few inches or in extreme cases if the spring is broken and the opener has been engaged it can pull apart the panel from the J-arm. This occurs often with Wayne Dolton doors. The springs are not visible on a Wayne Dolton door as they are located inside the shaft on this specific door, knowing these symptoms will definitely help diagnose a broken spring.

A spring will typically last around 10,000 cycles and can break at anytime even if the garage door is not engaged. Some people have even experienced hearing a loud “Bang” in the middle of the night.

Once your door has been diagnosed you will need a garage door spring repair. A spring repair can be very dangerous if the person does not have the right tools or the experience. For the sake of your safety call Valley Garage Doors and we will send our experienced garage door technicians to properly and safely repair the springs on your garage door. Valley Garage Doors carries multiple garage door torsion springs on the trucks to ensure every customer can be taken care of no matter the size or weight of your garage door.


Valley Garage Doors has created a division specifically specializing in Garage Door Spring repair to improve our service to customers.  Garage Door Springs need replacing from time to time and when that happens you want fast, reliable service to keep your life running smoothly.   Visit today.  

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