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LiftMaster has led the industry in safety, quality and innovation for over 45 years. When the first LiftMaster Garage Door Openers were manufactured, the garage door opener was considered a luxury. Now, over 70% of homeowners use the garage door as the primary point of entry into their homes. LiftMaster has played a vital role in building universal demand for this indispensable home appliance.

Here are some tips when choosing the right opener for your home.

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Chain Drive Openers

Rugged chain drive openers are best suited for detached garage. Available in 1/2 hp, 3/4hp

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Belt Drive Openers

Belt Drive openers are designed to be very quite. They are best suited for garages that are attached to your home. Available in 1/2 hp, 3/4hp

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Side Mount Operators

Side mount openers are a very nice multipurpose opener. They are very quite, used in low head room applications and for high lift doors.

What kind of remote are you looking for?

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Key chain remote

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893max universal remote

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Classy leather remote with blue touch LED lights

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Keyless entry

Wall mount push buttons.

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Door Bell

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MyQ and standard wall mounts

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Digital Wall Mount with motion sensor

The MyQ system is a new technology that opens your garage door using your smart phone.
There are alerts when door is opened and a camera to view door status.

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Opener Replacement Parts

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Photo Eyes

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Trolleys Chain and
Belt Drive

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Opener Bracket

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New worm gear kit

Opener Accessories

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Door Open Sensor

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Parking Assist Laser Beam

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Battery Backup Pack