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Right Opener For The Right Application

Parkade Doors are typically the highest cycle doors. It is very common that the wrong openers are being used for these parkades.

Nema Openers are rated for 3600 cycles per day, while other leading openers are rated for 1000 cycles a day. Nema openers come from the automotive industry, where there are welding turn tables that rotate every 30 sec. Nema openers are DC oil cooled openers that have virtually no moving components like the traditional commercial openers. These openers have a PLC control box that have hundreds of different options. One of the best features it the speed control and the slow start/stop. Most openers you can not change the speed, however these openers can open a parkade door in 3 sec!

Different mounting options to make the door much quieter.

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Light/Medium Use Commercial Openers

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Opra Jack Shaft Opener

Light use commercial opener, designed for vertical lift or high lift doors with low cycles.

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Manaras Trolley Opener

Light use commercial opener, designed for standard lift doors with low cycles.

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Liftmaster Jack Shaft Opener

Medium use commercial opener, comes with more digital options like mid stop feature. If you don't need you 16' high door to open all the way? Use the mid stop feature to open door half way, then when you need the door fully open push open button a second time and door will open fully.

Parts And Accessories

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Exterior Push Buttons

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