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Garage door maintenance is very important to the health of your garage door.

Most of the time doors wont close because there is something in the way blocking the sensor's beam. There are safety sensors secured to the bottom of the tracks. If they get blocked or bumped out of place the door will not close. Some openers will have a light blink indicating something is wrong or in the way.

Garage door repairs are typically caused by lack of garage door maintenance. Overhead doors have many moving mechanical parts that need to be lubricated every six months. Lubricating the torsion springs, rollers and hinges is very important. Make sure you use the proper lubricant, don't use heavy grease. Grease may seem like a good idea but that is not the case for garage doors. Grease will collect dust and dirt, which will then get into the bearings causing them to seize up and not rotate properly.

Valley Garage Doors has annual garage door maintenance plans to ensure your door will run safely and smoothly.

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Check Your Photo Eyes
Make Sure The Two LED lights Are On

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Check The Cables.
Are They Off The Drum?

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Emergancy Release Cable
Make Sure Trolley Is Connected to Opener